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  • Special Requests

    Given the diverse range of Australian seafood at our disposal, you may be seeking items not listed on our website.

    Allow us to simplify the process for you. Reach out to us, share details about the seafood product you're seeking, and we'll explore how we can assist you in finding it.

  • Cooking Advice

    Have you purchased seafood and are unsure of how to prepare it or simply looking for a recipe for a recent purchase? Reach out to our helpful team for some cooking tips or check out our recipe blog!

  • Storage Tips

    Need advice on how to store your seafood for optimal shelf life? Contact our team and we'll advise you on the appropriate storage tips for your purchases.

  • General Advice

    Catering for a crowd and unsure of how much to order? Our team can provide recommendations for your next dinner party or event.

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